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Our experienced Speech Language Pathologists provide a full range of services for our adult clients.

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You frequently repeat sounds or words, “block” on sounds, speech does not flow easily, or you experience signs of stress or facial tension when speaking.

Voice Disorders

You frequently have a hoarse sounding voice, not related to colds or illness, or have been diagnosed with vocal nodules or other voice related problems.

Tongue Thrust or Myofunctional Disorder

You have been identified by a Dentist, Orthodontist or Speech Language Pathologist with an improper swallow that is affecting the teeth, creating dental problems (e.g. an overbite or open bite) or articulation difficulties (e.g. a lisp).

Accent Reduction

English is not your first language and your accent makes it difficult for others to understand you, in your personal or work environment.

Stroke Recovery

You have recently suffered from a stroke and it has affected your speech or language skills.

Acquired Brain Injury

You sustained an injury to your head that affected the way you speak, listen, process information, or behave in social situations. We work with clients with a range of injuries from mild concussion to serious trauma.

If you think you have a speech or language disorder, call us at 416-490-1720 to book an evaluation.